Begin The Year With A Bang By Gifting Garnet, The January Birthstone

Now that you have safely set foot into a brand new year and excited about the possibilities, you cannot help but wonder what the impending birthday will bring for you. Yes! You happen to be January born and want to accentuate the favours that life bestows on you with the aid of your birthstone. Is there a specific stone associated with January then? Sure! It is the garnet that is found in an astounding variety of colors. While you are welcome to go with the Mandarin garnet in spectacular orange, you might also find yourself being drawn to the intense green of Tsavorite garnet. Try on the more commonly available Pyrope Garnet and place your faith in friendships that last forever. So, banish the thought of sporting the reddish garnet on your fingers, ears or neck this time and have a blast selecting it in a myriad of colors that remind you of the opulence of a rainbow.

Go ahead and get to know some of the basic facts about your birthstone that will help you to become a better person in more ways than one. Here are the details. Read on…

The Name

The term is believed to have come from the Latin word granatum used for seeds. The red garnet bears great resemblance to the seed of a pomegranate hence the name.


The timeline of garnet is an interesting one with the first garnet being discovered in caves containing graves believed to be from the prehistoric era. The first use of garnet had been in Sumeria and dates back to 2100 BC. The people living in present day Czechoslovakia have been already using this beautiful gemstone for centuries. The Swedish have been familiar with it for ages as well. Interestingly, it had been utilized to represent the sun by the Spaniards while the Romans employed it for engraving the pictures and adorn the portraits of rulers and high placed citizens. Almost all the ancient civilizations used to consider it as sacred. The “American National Association of Jewellers” officially declared garnet to be the birthstone for January in 1912!


Garnet is assessed for its clarity, size and color before putting a value to it. Its weight is measured in carats with the bigger stone being pricier than a smaller one. However, the cut might also alter its value significantly. Again, two stones of identical weight may be priced differently depending on the clarity of color. The garnets closest to spectral red are considered to be more valuable than those having brown and orange tints. However, the green garnet is an exception and highly valued due to its rarity. The demantoid (green garment) is akin to an emerald making it one of the most valuable gemstones found in nature.

Reasons for buying/gifting

Garnets are believed to have healing powers making them highly coveted as gifts. It is often presented as a token of friendship. People born in January usually receive garnet jewellery from their family and friends. Garnet is also considered to be the stone apt for gifting on the 2nd wedding anniversary. Many partners turn to the garnet when it is time to celebrate 6 years of togetherness as well.